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About Typeqast

Typeqast is a Dutch creative technology company dedicated to building relevant digital products. From 2017 until today, we have expanded to more than 100 highly talented people (and growing) with key development centers in Split, Zagreb, and Osijek.

As a partner to international clients, we help businesses update and improve existing products in response to new opportunities and ever-evolving market needs. We're highly skilled in a range of software development technologies, from PHP to C# and Java. We bring uniqueness to projects, so our clients stand out from the crowd. No project is the same, we challenge ourselves to be different.

We are Typeqast. We are there for the special ones; those who disrupt, innovate, and believe that technology is the enabler to create a better tomorrow.

Typeqast work principles

Clients are friends We aim to be the very best software development partner there is to our clients. Client happiness and a friendly and transparent relationship with them is a paramount principle of our company, and we will always go an extra step to make them happy.

No one is immune to criticism We encourage everyone to provide open and honest feedback to their peers, managers, or subordinates, at any time. No one will ever be punished or treated differently for giving honest feedback to others in an effort to create a better workplace.

Tolerance for failure, but not for incompetence Everyone is encouraged to experiment and fail. Failure is great if we learn from it. However, failure without learning is not to be celebrated. Low technical skills, sloppy thinking, bad work habits, and poor management are not excuses for failure.

Collaboration, but individually accountability Each decision has to be a product of consensus within the team. No personal opinion is above the opinion of the team. But for every decision, an individual is held responsible for making it happen and takes full blame for failure. Using the team as an excuse is not acceptable.

Zero tolerance for assholes We do not tolerate any kind of asshole-like behavior: verbal or physical abuse, permanent demeaning, intimidating, humiliating, and nasty behavior towards other colleagues, backstabbing, bad-mouthing, and shaming of others. 

Helping the colleague above everything Whenever a colleague asks for help, mentorship, or coaching, it is everyone's job to help them and make the team grow. Everyone can be asked for help, and everyone has to offer help to others who need it. 

Radical honesty instead of sweeping under the rug As a team, we encounter problems all the time. But we accept reality and acknowledge things precisely as they are, without lies or living in delusion. That is the only way to have effective communication and the only way we can move forward and grow as individuals and as a team.

Remote-first but staying close Although we are working primarily remotely, we encourage our colleagues to stay in touch with each other. Through our communication channels and weekly office events, we catch up on what happens in our lives, not only business-wise.

Our offices

We have our technology and development centers located in Split, Zagreb, and Osijek where our dedicated teams are working on project development.

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